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How to attract more buyers to your online store?

As a small business owner, you want to offer your products online and have set up your store, what now?

How do you attract the customers who are most likely to search for your products?

If you are focused on optimizing your inbound marketing you will get more organic traffic to your site which is free!

To succeed you need more than just the online store, you want to engage with your audience and in doing so you can make the buyer experience pleasant and trustworthy.

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  • Keywords, make sure you match the text for your products with the relevant info for that exact product, what is the products name, does your text relate to the product title? You know your products and by writing the content yourself with your own words it will be unique and personal


  • Start blogging! In a blog you can write about some of the topics relating to your sites products, and also give information and education to your customers. The blog can be used to link to your products in the store which will give you more backlinks and traffic


  • Run competitions from social media and use your online store as a reference guide to find answers


  • Be active in social media: Make a plan and stick to it! Social media backlinks to your site (if they are connected) and will drive traffic to your store


  • Do you know any influencers? Influencer marketing can be costing you some money in front, but it can be worth it. Affiliate marketing is a same but different approach, you team up with someone who creates content where they link to your site and get paid a commission of every purchase they generate through their links to your site


  • A referral program can be beneficial where you reward your existing customers a small amount for their referral to friends and family


  • Sale! Not too often, because it will not be very profitable, but if you do the seasons, and have a plan you can attract new customers -who chooses your discount -and voila! You have a new customer on the contact list


  • Email marketing: Keep your customers up to date on the latest news and products


  • Don’t be afraid to use images, but use them correctly! A product with several images describing the product will rank a bit higher with google, but make sure all the pictures are resized into what fits your stores demands and that they are of high quality and correct size


  • Advertising: Google ads is just genius. You can play with it and choose how much you want to spend on your ads, you also get great tips on how you can adjust the ads to fit your budget.

Next some tips to keep the customer on your site:


Focus on keeping your store up to date on prices and relevance. Are all the products in stock? Is the site clean and easy to read? Are the colors easy on the eye?


In all you must think like a customer when creating your stores content. Make sure that what you search for is what you find on the site. Use a language everyone can relate to, if you use terms and foreign words, maybe a customer finds it hard to read and leaves your site. Ask a friend to review your site and give you feedback, sometimes we go blind in the process and a fresh pair of eyes can really matter.


If you have any questions or need help creating a store or content, feel free to contact me for a chat!

Lena Juel Andersen

Digital Marketer

Venalicium AS

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