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My name is Lena and I was born in 1979. I have three children and am married. In 2001 I studied to become an authorized podiatrist, in December 2015 I got a bachelors degree in nursing and now the hunger for knowledge and further development has taken me to study digital marketing. I will graduate in June 2023

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My Story

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Digital marketing has been part of my everyday life for several years. As a business owner, I have realized how important it is for the company, but it was difficult to find time for everything, not least getting familiar with all social channels, where, when, what to publish, when?

It became a stress and there wasn`t a common thread through everything. I read about algorithms, SEO and other foreign language computer language. I understood a little and did a little, but proved that it wasn`t good enough to keep up with the most popular content on the web.


The following day, the rules had changed for how to reach customers digitally. I wanted to understand how everything was connected and how to market yourself in the digital landscape, and applied to study digital marketing at the Noroff school of technology and digital marketing. 

Since then, my way of thinking has changed, you must create your own content, your own platform where the customer relates to the content and where you meet the customer in a completely different way than what I had thought. You should not strive to look like the others, you should be yourself, your content should be personal and reflect your companys personality. 

I believe that my background as a business owner, where I started from nothing, where I know how hard it is to build stone by stone, the competition, price pressure, stress, combining family and own business, the driving force and inspiration, that this experience gives me a unique understanding for how other business owners feel and that it is time-consuming and must also manage the digital marketing. Im happy to help you!


I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Lets connect.


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